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Joliet criminal defense lawyerSummer is in full swing in Illinois and kids are out of school. For young adults that just graduated high school or are visiting from college for the summer, the freedom can be downright intoxicating. Add literal intoxicants like THC or alcohol, and the mix can sometimes be disastrous. 

Young adults—young men, in particular—generally still do not have a fully developed frontal lobe, which is the part of the brain responsible for making decisions and accurately predicting the consequences of those decisions. When drugs, alcohol, or peer pressure are added to the inevitable lack of maturity and underdeveloped decision-making skills that come with young age, risk-taking behaviors increase. While most activities are relatively harmless—and even those that are harmful are often escaped without causing serious damage—sometimes the consequences of poor decisions require the help of an Illinois criminal defense attorney. 

Certain Types of Crime Are More Common During Summer Months

While men and women, old and young, are all capable of committing criminal acts, certain types of crime tend to be almost exclusively committed by young men. Immaturity may not be an excuse for committing crimes, but it is at least an explanation for many of them. The most common crimes committed by young adults during the summer months include: 


Will County drug crimes defense lawyerEven though individuals in Illinois can now purchase marijuana from licensed dealers, grow up to five plants on private property, and own up to 30 grams of marijuana, it is still illegal to privately sell marijuana or own it with the intent to deliver. Illinois has not relaxed its penalties for drug crimes that involve marijuana, and, if anything, prosecutors tend to go after these cases more harshly now. If you have been charged with unlawful marijuana possession, it is important to take these charges seriously and contact a criminal defense attorney right away. 

Why Is Delivering Marijuana Privately Still Illegal? 

Whether you view the restriction of private marijuana sales as a cynical tax grab or the state of Illinois simply protecting its citizens from unsafe substances, private marijuana sales are still illegal. Even selling a small amount to a friend or possessing an otherwise legal amount with the intent to sell it is illegal. 

How Can Police Prove I Was Planning to Sell Marijuana? 

While you may be tempted to simply argue that you owned the marijuana legally without intending to sell it, the strength of the prosecution’s case against you will depend on what other objects were found with the marijuana. It would be difficult to argue that you were sorting marijuana into small plastic bags weighing exactly an eighth of a gram for your own personal use. Having a drug scale, large amounts of cash in your home, or a person testifying that they were going to buy marijuana from you could also bolster the state’s case. 


Joliet traffic violations lawyerYou pay taxes on your income, taxes on gas to fill up your car, and even taxes on household essentials. So when you get hit with an expensive traffic ticket that you know is going to fill the coffers of the government even further, it is natural to feel angry and frustrated. Aggressive parking and traffic ticket policies are often initiated to meet quotas and, rather than making the streets of Illinois safer, can instead have a highly detrimental impact on your wallet, ability to drive, and even hold down a job.

Fortunately, you can fight traffic violation tickets with the help of an experienced Illinois traffic ticket defense attorney. Doing so can help you save money and avoid some of the serious consequences of a traffic ticket because you accepted the results without fighting back. 

Why Should I Not Just Pay My Traffic Ticket? 

Paying for your ticket may seem like the easiest and fastest route, but paying for the ticket also means accepting the consequences of the behavior you were ticketed for. These include, but are not limited to: 


Joliet criminal defense lawyerWhen your spouse gets arrested, especially if it is the first time, your first reaction may be one of confusion and you may have many questions. Are they guilty? What are the consequences if they are convicted? What does this mean for my family? And - perhaps more pressing - what do I do now? Taking quick, effective action is essential for protecting your spouse and ensuring they get the criminal defense they need. Here are some important first steps to take when someone you love has been arrested for committing a crime in Will County. 

Encourage Your Spouse to Remain Silent

People who have been arrested often believe that they can explain themselves out of a situation and that the arresting officer or jail employees will be reasonable if the arrestee is friendly and polite. Unfortunately, this is just not true - and everything your spouse says may be used against them later on. As soon as you speak to your spouse, encourage them to stay quiet and only talk to an attorney about their case. 

Post Bail

There are many reasons to get your spouse out of jail quickly, even if you are upset with them. The more time your spouse spends in jail, the greater the chance that they could say something that might hurt their case. Jails can record inmates in many different situations, including when you meet with them. Do not talk about your spouse’s case on the phone or in person at the jail. To post bail for your spouse, you will need to go to the Will County Adult Detention Facility’s Bond Lobby and pay for bail using cash or credit card.  


Joliet drug crimes defense lawyerGetting caught with illegal drugs carries serious penalties in Illinois, especially as the attention of courts and society at large is drawn towards the dangers of the opioid pandemic. In general, more dangerous drugs carry more serious penalties, and while people may disagree with the classifications, drugs are nevertheless divided into strict classes that make determining criminal punishments easier. 

The least serious drugs are classified as Schedule V drugs, which includes things like cough syrup and other substances that are unlikely to be abused. On the other end of the spectrum are Schedule I drugs, including heroin, ecstasy, and, on the federal level, cannabis. Oxycodone is a Schedule II drug, and along with other opiates, it has a high potential for addiction and abuse. If you have been charged with possession or distribution of Oxycodone or another illegal drug, it is important to get the help of an Illinois criminal defense attorney. 

What Are Schedule I and II Drug Crime Penalties? 

The fact that Schedule II drugs can be obtained with a prescription makes them easy to buy and sell. However, even if a drug like Oxycodone was obtained through a prescription, only the person who was prescribed may use it or have it in their possession. Illegal distribution, possession, manufacture, or delivery of Schedule I or II drugs are serious crimes that can carry felony penalties. 

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