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Settlements & Awards

Our attorneys are responsible for obtaining millions of dollars in settlements, awards and verdicts for our clients over the years, and are firmly committed to obtaining proper compensation for our clients. Below is a list of some of our successful settlements and verdicts.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Senior Citizen Receives $65,000.00 Settlement Following Auto Accident in Joliet.

A retired Joliet man recently settled his auto accident injury claims after McNamara Phelan McSteen filed suit against the other driver in Will County Circuit Court. Our client was struck while driving on North Raynor Avenue in Joliet. He received a settlement of $65,000.00 as compensation for soft-tissue injuries which required medical treatment and physical therapy.

Will County Resident Reaches $350,000.00 Settlement Agreement with U.S. Government Following Auto Accident.

A Channahon, Illinois woman recently settled her auto accident injury claims against a federal employee in exchange for payment of $350,000.00. Our client was rear-ended by the federal worker while stopped at an intersection in Joliet, Will County, Illinois. The motor vehicle accident resulted in multiple injuries requiring medical treatment, including arthroscopic surgery to her shoulder.

Joliet Auto Accident Results in Will County Court Lawsuit, Settlement.

A retired resident of Joliet, Illinois recently settled his auto accident injury claims in exchange for payment of $42,500.00. Our client was forced to swerve to avoid the defendant's vehicle, thus resulting in a collision and injuries to his head and neck, as well as lingering vision problems. The cause was settled after suit was filed in Will County Circuit Court.

New Lenox Woman Injured in Parking lot Receives Settlement of $95,000.00

A McNamara Phelan McSteen client slipped and fell on debris in a strip mall parking lot, causing her to fracture her ankle. Our retired client received a settlement in the amount of $95,000.00 as compensation for her medical bills, as well as her pain and suffering, and loss of normal life. The settlement was reached after MPM filed suit in Will County Circuit Court.

Another Cook County Injury Settlement

An MPM client received a settlement in excess of $47,000.00 for injuries received after she was struck by an automobile while crossing the road with her family in LaGrange, Illinois. She was treated for a cervical fracture and concussion after being struck by the vehicle, which was travelling at low speed in a shopping district in suburban Cook County.

Volunteer fireman injured in auto accident receives total settlement of $65,000.00 in underinsured motorist case

A McNamara Phelan McSteen client suffered neck, shoulder and upper back injuries as a result of a recent head-on auto accident in Marshall County, Illinois, as well as $10,000.00 in lost wages. Following the efforts of partner Tom Polacek, our client received compensation in the total amount of $65,000.00, which included a settlement from the other driver’s auto insurance company, as well as our client's underinsured motorist policy.

Mokena woman injured in auto accident received a settlement of $55,000.00

A McNamara Phelan McSteen client suffered neck and upper back injuries as a result of a recent auto accident in Lockport, Illinois, as well as $2,500.00 in lost wages. As a result of the efforts of Tom Polacek, partner with the firm, she received payment of $55,000.00 from the other driver’s auto insurance company. The settlement was reached after MPM filed suit in Will County Circuit Court.

College Student Receives $200,000.00 in Settlement of Channahon Auto Accident Case

A McNamara Phelan McSteen client suffered significant fractures as a front-seat passenger in an auto accident occurring in the Summer of 2019. Her injuries required inpatient rehabilitation and physical therapy before she was able to return to her college classes. Our client settled her claims for the policy limits available in the case.

Settlement Following DuPage County Auto Accident

An MPM client received a settlement in excess of $25,000.00 for injuries received in an automobile accident occurring in DuPage County. Our client was treated for soft tissue injuries in his back and shoulder following an accident outside Fox Valley Mall in Aurora, Illinois.

MPM Client Receives $248,000.00 in Settlement of Cook County Auto Accident Case

A McNamara Phelan McSteen client and Lockport native suffered back and neck injuries as a result of a recent Cook County auto accident where the other driver made an illegal turn in front of her. Our client received payment of $98,000.00 from the other driver’s auto insurance, plus an additional $150,000.00 as a result of Tom Polacek’s negotiation with her own carrier for underinsured motorist compensation.

Will County woman injured in auto accident received a settlement of $95,000.00

A McNamara Phelan McSteen client who suffered a foot fracture as a result of a recent Will County auto accident received payment of the $25,000.00 policy limit from the other driver’s auto insurance, plus an additional $70,000.00 as a result of our negotiation with her own carrier for underinsured motorist compensation.

Channahon, Illinois man in auto accident received a settlement of $90,000.00

Our client, injured in a recent chain-reaction rear-end auto accident in Channahon, Illinois, suffered a SLAP tear to his right shoulder, which required arthroscopic surgery. After retaining MPM to represent him in his claim, he received a settlement of $90,000.00, covering his medical expenses, pain, suffering and temporary loss of normal life.

Gentleman injured in Cook County accident when other driver runs a red light settles claims for $750,000.00

Our client eventually required shoulder surgery and ongoing pain management for his injuries. His compensation included the other driver’s policy limit of $100,000.00, as well as underinsured motorist coverage.

Local Mechanic Obtains $310,000.00 After Accident During Diagnostic Test Drive

Our client was injured in an auto accident when he was forced to come to an abrupt stop and an unsecured load in the rear of a delivery truck he was driving slid forward and struck the wall of the cab. After McNamara Phelan McSteen secured a workers’ compensation settlement for the mechanic, who took the truck out for the purpose of diagnosing mechanical difficulties, the firm was also able to secure a personal injury settlement with the customer/owner of the vehicle after filing suit against that company for failing to properly secure the dangerous load of scrap metal and failing to warn the driver of the hazard.

Channahon Woman Settles Auto Accident Claim for $305,000.00.

A local school social worker injured her shoulder in an auto accident caused by a truck driver exiting a Channahon, Illinois gas station parking lot. Her injuries required surgery and physical therapy, and, after filing a lawsuit on her behalf, Tom Polacek of McNamara Phelan McSteen negotiated a settlement in the amount of $305,000.00 for the woman.

Young woman settles Kankakee County injury claim for $300,000.00

A passenger in her friend’s vehicle, the woman suffered from elbow fractures and ligament damage to her right arm, which required surgical repair.

$225,000.00 in total compensation received by City of Joliet employee injured when rear-ended in 3-car collision

Our client required cervical fusion surgery and physical therapy before being able to return to work. The settlement included the other driver’s policy limit of $20,000.00, as well as a $205,000.00 underinsured motorist settlement.

Joliet driver receives $192,500.00 for shoulder injured in auto accident

Our client lost $385.00 in wages, but required shoulder surgery and physical therapy before entering into settlement with the other driver.

Will County Truck Driver Settles Injury Claim for $175,000.00

Our client, a semi-retired truck driver, was diagnosed with a tear of his rotator cuff following an accident involving his semi and two other vehicles in central Will County. After undergoing surgery and physical therapy, our client received a settlement payout of $175,000.00 from the at-fault driver as compensation for his injuries, including pain and suffering and his temporary loss of normal life.

New Lenox Auto Accident Results in Settlement of $100,000.00

A local woman received significant injuries as a result of an auto accident in New Lenox, Illinois last summer. After being retained to handle her claims, attorney Tom Polacek of McNamara Phelan McSteen, LLC secured payment of $100,000.00 as compensation for the woman’s injuries.

Grundy County woman settles her injury claims for $100,000.00 total compensation

A woman injured when the other driver made an illegal turn in front of her settled her claims for the other driver’s policy limit of $50,000.00, as well as her own $50,000.00 underinsured motorist policy limit.

Motorcycle Accident Results in Settlement for Diamond Man

A Diamond pipefitter suffered a SLAP tear to his right shoulder as a result of a 2017 motorcycle accident with another driver. After retaining McNamara Phelan McSteen to represent him in his claims against the other driver, and after achieving a full recovery from his injuries, our client settled his claims for $100,000.00.

Shorewood Woman Settles Auto Negligence Claim for $80,000.

She underwent physical therapy and chiropractic treatment for various soft-tissue injuries before settling her claims with the other driver for his insurance policy limits. MPM then negotiated an additional $60,000.00 settlement from her own carrier under her underinsured motorist provisions.

Passenger settles claims against his driver for $80,000.00 in Crest Hill accident

Our client was a passenger in his friend’s vehicle who received numerous injuries, including various abrasions and cuts, when the vehicle rolled over.

MPM client receives arbitration award of $76,678.81 for injuries arising from auto accident

A woman driving through a Joliet parking lot was injured when the defendant backed out of her parking stall without looking. She received the award after MPM litigated the case before an independent arbitrator.

Will County woman settles claims from Joliet auto accident for $73,000.00

She fractured a finger and suffered various soft tissue injuries, resulting in physical therapy as treatment.

DuPage County auto accident settles for $70,000.00

Client was middle car in a 3-car accident; she settled claims after physical therapy, pain injections and eventual surgery to repair her rotator cuff.

Joliet Bicyclist Injured by Hit and Run Driver Receives $60,000.00

An area man was riding his bicycle along the shoulder of Hollywood Drive in Joliet, Illinois when he was struck by a vehicle from behind. The driver of the vehicle sped away from the scene and the cyclist was unable to make an identification. The accident resulted in various injuries, including a fracture of the cyclist’s T-1 (thoracic) vertebrae. Tom Polacek of McNamara Phelan McSteen, LLC was retained to pursue a claim for the cyclist’s injuries through the uninsured motorist provisions of his own auto policy. Mr. Polacek negotiated a $60,000.00 settlement for the client, compensating him for his injuries, medical treatment and lost wages.

Client injured in Cook County auto accident settles claim for $55,000.00

A lady rear-ended in Orland Park, Illinois settled her personal injury claims after suffering headaches and neck and back pain.

Will County man involved in Romeoville auto accident receives settlement check of $55,000.00

Our client received a lip abrasion, lumbar strain and right hip strain after rear-end accident.

Joliet resident receives $50,000.00 settlement after her vehicle is backed into in grocery store parking lot

A Joliet woman received back and neck injuries from a low-speed accident in a grocery store parking lot. The settlement compensated her for ongoing pain and suffering, as well as pain injections and physcial therapy.

Rear-end auto accident on Route 30 in Plainfield results in soft tissue injuries and $50,000.00 settlement

Client did not miss work, but did require physical therapy before recovering from his injuries.

Sox Fan Settles Auto Claim for Policy Limits.

A Chicago White Sox fan was injured while sitting in traffic after exiting stadium parking and heading home on the Dan Ryan Expressway. Our client, a passenger, hurt her back and neck when the vehicle being driven by her sister was rear-ended by another driver. The case was settled by MPM for the negligent driver’s insurance policy limits of $50,000.00 after suit was filed.

Joliet Auto Accident Results in $45,000.00 settlement

Our client suffered soft-tissue injuries and cervical radiculopathy following an auto collision caused by the other driver’s illegal left turn. Her injuries required approximately five months of treatment, after which MPM partner Tom Polacek negotiated a $45,000.00 settlement to compensate her for her damages.

Joliet Woman Receives Policy Limit Plus as Settlement Following Auto Accident

With the help of McNamara Phelan McSteen, a Joliet woman settled her claims arising from an auto accident for $45,000.00, including $25,000.00 from the other driver’s insurance company plus another $20,000.00 from her own underinsured motorist coverage. Our client suffered neck and back strains requiring medical treatment and physical therapy.

Passenger in DUI accident settles claims against drunk driver for $35,000.00

Our client suffered from facial and knee contusions and soft tissue injuries to his neck and upper back and lost $407.00 in wages due to the accident.

Rear-end accident results in neck and back pain, $30,000.00 settlement

Client did not require surgery, but underwent a short course of physical therapy following the Will County accident.

Illegal Left Turn Results in Personal Injury Settlement

Our client was unable to avoid a collision when another driver made a sudden left turn in front of her in Will County, Illinois. She suffered a chest wall contusion and various soft tissue injuries to her neck and back, as well as rib pain and damage to her front teeth. Following completion of her treatment, including physical therapy and fillings to repair her chipped teeth, MPM’s attorneys settled her claims in return for payment of over $28,000.00.

Arbitration Award in Will County Auto Accident

McNamara Phelan McSteen attorney Thomas Polacek recently won an arbitration award for a client injured while driving in her residential neighborhood in Joliet, Illinois. Following a hearing, a panel of three Will County arbitrators ruled against the other driver and awarded the Joliet woman $26,304.69, including her costs of suit, as compensation for her neck and low back strain, as well as various contusions resulting from the other driver’s negligence.

Motorcycle driver and passenger each receive $25,000.00 settlements from minivan driver making an illegal left turn in front of them

Insurance company tendered policy limits for both after receiving initial demand from MPM.

DuPage County auto accident with left knee bruise, settled for $22,000.00

The other driver abruptly changed lanes and stopped short, causing our client to rear-end him. She was diagnosed with a knee contusion and an avulsion fracture to her left knee. Our client was unable to undergo therapy or additional treatment before settlement due to a lack of personal finances.

Driver with soft tissue injuries settles her claims from auto accident for $21,790.00

Other driver disobeyed a stop sign, entered intersection and caused Will County woman to swerve and strike a tree with her car. She received 4 weeks of physical therapy for soft tissue injuries and lost approximately $2,000.00 in wages due to the accident.

Workplace Injuries

LaSalle County man resolved his shoulder injury claim for an undisclosed amount

A LaSalle County gentleman resolved his shoulder injury claim arising from his manual operation of a security gate. Tom Polacek of McNamara Phelan McSteen filed suit on behalf of the man against the company responsible for installation and maintenance of the gate and eventually reached a settlement on his behalf of an undisclosed amount. This settlement was in addition to a workers’ compensation claim and settlement, also handled by MPM’s attorneys.

Nurse slips on diaper, receives settlement in excess of $216,000.00.

A New Lenox nurse who sustained a back injury when she slipped on a patient’s diaper resulted in a lumbar spine fusion procedure. After making a workers’ compensation claim, she was determined to be physically unable to return to her occupation of nursing. As a result, a permanency settlement in excess of $216,000.00 was negotiated by MPM. In addition to the settlement, future medical in an amount in excess of $33,000.00 was added to cover any possible future medical care.

Joliet accountant settles shoulder injury for $150,000.00. Employer agrees to pay for his Bachelor’s Degree.

A Joliet accountant who injured his shoulder while at work was determined by the Illinois Industrial Commission to be unable to return to his previous occupation. Thanks to McNamara Phelan McSteen, the employer agreed to pay for his Bachelor’s Degree, which allowed him to work in a different industry. In addition to medical and vocational rehabilitation, a settlement in the amount of $150,000.00 was negotiated.

Joliet man settles for $140,000.00 for work injury sustained while driving a forklift.

Our client was a forklift driver who sustained a neck injury requiring surgery, including a cervical fusion procedure. Our client received a permanency award of $140,000.00, in addition to $33,000.00 to pay for any future medical.

Sheet metal worker receives settlement of $100,000.00 from construction site owner/general contractor for injuries suffered from a fall

MPM attorneys argue that subcontractor did not properly maintain stairway during early stages of construction of strip mall.

City of Joliet police officer settles claim against other driver in on-the-job accident for policy limit of $100,000.00

The officer was responding to a call when the tortfeasor made an illegal turn in front of him, causing serious injury to our client

MPM client receives jury verdict against truck wash company of $71,051.34 following injuries suffered while filling chemical tank for employer

The verdict was reached after a 3-day trial when the jury concluded that the company responsible for preparing a chemical tank trailer before delivery breached its duty to our client, who was responsible for filling the tank at a different facility.

Truck driver settles $30,000.00 claim for injuries against local municipality for injuries suffered after he is injured when a trench gives way

Our client entered the trench in order to assist municipal workers in preparing the construction site for delivery of a concrete tank. He suffered injuries to both legs after a portion of the trench caved in on top of him.

Premises Liability

Client injured in slip and fall receives a settlement of $175,000.00

McNamara Phelan McSteen recently resolved a federal personal injury claim against a national retail chain on behalf of a client who slipped and fell on a grape after checking out. Our client’s fall resulted in fractures to both wrists and an eventual settlement in the amount of $175,000.00.

Settlement Following Class Reunion Injury

Attorney Tom Polacek negotiated a settlement with a Macon County school district for $64,000.00 after the firm’s client, who was attending an outdoor event as part of her high school reunion, slipped and fell on a loose grate outside the school’s football stadium.

Tenant Injured Tripping in Rented Garage

MPM reached settlement for a tenant who tripped in a hole created by a faulty drain in her rented garage. As a result of the fall, our client suffered a minimally displaced chip fracture of her right arm. Our attorneys negotiated a settlement of $25,500.00 with the landlord’s insurance company.

Elderly woman receives $105,000.00 for injuries suffered after slipping and falling in the lobby of a doctor’s office

Medical practice settles after MPM argues that mats were improperly placed in entry alcove to satellite doctor’s offices.

Trip and Fall in Resale Shop Results in $90,000+ Settlement

A 61-old woman fell down a single step in a Will County resale shop, suffering a fractured ankle and ligament damage. Despite the fact that signs were posted, MPM filed suit on behalf of the woman, alleging that the shop failed to take sufficient additional steps to warn its patrons of the hazard posed by this low step, concealed down one of its many shopping aisles. Following a pretrial settlement conference, the parties agreed to a settlement payout of $92,500.00, payable by the owner of the resale shop and the owner of the shopping plaza containing the shop.

MPM client injured by splinter of wood at grocery store suffers subsequent infection and settles claim for $70,000.00

The settlement was reached after presentation of the store’s security video, discussion of the store’s responsibility to maintain a safe sales floor, and medical confirmation that the infection was a direct result of the splinter.

Slip and Fall on High School Sidewalk Results in $58,000.00 settlement

An Elgin woman fractured her ankle after slipping on ice on her way to attend her son’s junior wrestling tournament on the premises of a local high school. Despite early denials that the school district was liable for her damages, attorney Tom Polacek eventually settled our client’s claim in exchange for payment of $58,000.00.

Tenant receives $41,000.00 settlement against landlord for slip and fall on icy sidewalk

Will County woman enters into the agreement after slipping and falling on ice in a poorly lighted area of her apartment complex.

MPM client receives $34,000.00 settlement for injuries suffered after falling from a rickety porch

He fell after being invited to a house party; suffered a chip fracture and dislocation of his right elbow.

Client who slips and falls in casino bathroom obtains $30,000.00 verdict after trial

A retired gentleman who injured his knee after slipping and falling on an unknown substance in a casino restroom was awarded $30,000.00 by a Will County jury. There were no witnesses to his fall.

Client slipped on water leaking from a soft drink cooler at Sears results in $18,000.00 settlement

Patron suffered from soft tissue injuries to her neck and lower back, along with headaches.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Will County Minor Receives Dog Bite Settlement

Personal injury attorney Tom Polacek obtained a $100,000.00 settlement following mediation for a minor bitten in the face by a neighbor’s dog. He was retained by the family after they were dissatisfied with the insurance company’s original settlement offer of $50,000.00.

Shorewood resident settles dog bite claim for $100,000.00

A Shorewood woman and her dog were attacked by a pair of vicious dogs directly in front of her own home. Our client was treated for injuries to her arms and hand and also required treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Minor receives $100,000.00 policy limit settlement for dog bite injuries

Little girl received lacerations and puncture wounds to her face from dog bite attack when invited to dog owners’ home to play with her friend.

Minor receives $23,000.00 settlement for dog bite to leg

She was returning the run-away dog to her neighbor’s house. The girl was bitten and scratched on her left arm and her abdomen and recovered nicely.

Social Security Disability

Wrongly denied Social Security Disability client settles for amount in excess of $70,000.00.

A Social Security client of McNamara Phelan McSteen who was wrongly denied Social Security Disability Benefits settled his federal civil claim for an amount in excess of $70,000.00. The federal court found that the claimant should have been approved benefits as of his 50th birthday and therefore, was wrongly denied by the Social Security Administration.

Other Cases

MPM settles Wrongful Death Claim for family

McNamara Phelan McSteen recently obtained the auto insurance policy limits for a family who suffered the loss of a loved one in a Kendall County auto accident. The case involved an uninsured at-fault driver and resulted in a settlement reached with the company insuring the vehicle in which the decedent was a passenger. In addition, two of the family members also reached settlement in the amount of $40,000.00 each for their own injuries arising from the same accident.

Physical therapist settled claims of MPM client for negligence in the amount of $110,000.00

A Grundy County physical therapy provider reached the agreement after our client suffered aggravation of the shoulder injury which required therapy in the first place.

MPM client suffers head injury due to poorly installed laundry cabinet falling from wall in apartment

Her injuries required 8 staples in her scalp, physical therapy for neck, shoulder and upper back injuries. Landlord settles claim for payment of $43,000.00.

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