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What Is Involved in the Driver’s License Reinstatement Process?

 Posted on July 31, 2020 in Criminal Defense

Joliet criminal defense lawyerDriving is considered a privilege in many states, including Illinois. There are many traffic violations that can result in the loss of your driving privileges. Some of these include driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, aggravated speeding, and leaving the scene of a car accident with injuries, to name a few. Depending on the severity of the moving violation, a person can have his or her license suspended or revoked for months or even years. In order to reinstate your driver’s license after a suspension, there are several legal steps that must be taken. An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist motorists with important details. 

Steps to Getting Your License Back

In Illinois, first-time DUI offenders may attend an informal hearing as long as the offense did not result in great bodily harm or the death of another person. However, if it is a second or subsequent offense, or the incident resulted in an injury or fatality, then the defendant will have to attend a formal hearing. 

Regardless of the type of hearing, a driver who wishes to reinstate his or her license must do the following:

  1. Maintain a clean driving record.

  2. Attend an alcohol/drug evaluation. 

  3. Complete an alcohol/drug remedial education program.

  4. Meet with a Secretary of State hearing officer.

  5. Submit proof of financial responsibility.

  6. Pay the $500 reinstatement application fee.

  7. Pass a driving test, plus written and vision exams.

It is important to note that after completing all the requirements, a person may be granted full reinstatement of driving privileges and he or she will be issued a new license. The other possible outcome is to be granted a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP). With it, an individual can only drive for specific reasons, including to travel to and from work, to seek medical care, attend school, or court-ordered programs, such as community service and counseling or therapy programs.

In the event a motorist’s request for reinstatement is denied, he or she will have to attend another hearing. A minimum of 30 days must pass before another informal hearing will be scheduled and a person must wait at least 90 days before a second formal hearing.

Contact a Joliet Reinstatement Attorney

Losing your driving privileges can affect your daily life, especially if you rely on driving to work to earn an income. It is possible to reinstate your Illinois driver’s license, but it can be a complicated process. At McNamara Phelan McSteen, LLC, we understand the legal steps it takes to get your license back. Our diligent Will County driver’s license reinstatement lawyers will work with you throughout the proceedings to ensure your rights are protected. Call us today at 815-727-0100 to schedule your free consultation.






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