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Joliet domestic violence defense lawyerCriminal charges related to domestic violence fit under the umbrella of crimes where once someone is charged, the public and community often consider the person guilty of what they are charged with before a fair trial has been conducted and evidence has been presented. As a result, hiring an experienced domestic violence attorney can make a positive difference for the defendant by advocating for them and their rights as they work to acquit themselves of the charges against them.  

Domestic violence charges are aggressively prosecuted. The consequences of a conviction can be extremely damaging, both personally and professionally. However, those charged with domestic violence have options at their disposal to allow themselves to be acquitted. Today, we will talk about how someone charged with domestic violence can overcome the serious charges brought against them. 

How to Defeat the Charges 

When someone is charged with domestic violence, it can seem like the world is crashing down on them and that all hope is lost. However, staying calm and carefully considering your options moving forward is essential. Here are some tips on how you can defeat the charges:


Joliet dog bite injury lawyersDogs are amongst the most beloved pets in our society. There is something about those four-legged furry companions that make our hearts burst with joy whenever we come across them. However, while dogs are domesticated and are largely friendly animals, they can still be prone to biting or becoming aggressive at a moment’s notice. This can create an awkward scenario. What should you do if you pet someone else’s dog and the dog bites you? 

Today, we will talk about some essential considerations if a dog ever bites you. You may be glad to learn that you have options if someone else’s dog bites you. If you have sustained injuries related to a dog bite, consider contacting a personal injury attorney who has worked with dog biting cases before and can work with you to advocate for your rights and pursue a favorable case outcome and the compensation you may be entitled to. 

Recovering Damages for a Dog Bite

When someone else’s dog bites you and causes you bodily harm, the owner of that dog may attempt to deny any responsibility related to the attack. Illinois law regarding dog bites follows what is known as “strict liability,” which means that a dog’s owner is responsible for any injuries the dog causes as long as you were somewhere you were permitted to be and you did not provoke the dog.


Joliet workers' comp lawyersIt is not hyperbole to say that police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders are among the heroes of our society. Day after day, night after night, these men and women put their life on the line to help others in their time of greatest need. But unfortunately, such occupations do carry a substantial risk of injury. As a result, police officers, firefighters, and EMTs are eligible for workers' compensation for injuries they sustain in the line of duty. 

Today, we will talk about what is most important to know regarding workers' compensation for police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. Accordingly, if you are an individual working in one of these professions and you have sustained an injury on the job, do not hesitate to contact a workers' compensation attorney to ensure you receive the compensation for your injury or injuries that you may be entitled to.

Common Injuries for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMTs

Injuries are prevalent in these types of roles because of the physicality of the job. Whether chasing down a suspect and wrestling them to the ground or running into a burning office building to save the occupants inside, these jobs are very physical, making it easier to sustain injuries. Common injuries include the following:


Joliet spousal maintenance attorneyIt is not uncommon in marriage for one spouse to be the primary breadwinner while the other spouse earns less and tends to childcare and matters at home. When spouses get a divorce, it may be difficult for the lower-earning spouse to provide for themselves. As a result, spousal support is often a crucial element of many marital settlement agreements. 

Depending on the situation, a person may rely heavily on spousal support, particularly in the immediate aftermath of the divorce as someone looks to start their new life as a single person. For example, the support may be used to pay for food and clothing or help to pay for child-related expenses if children are involved in the situation. This is why it can be so distressing if spousal payments are not paid on time. If you should be receiving spousal support payments but for whatever reason are not, contact an experienced Illinois spousal support attorney who can inform you of your rights and represent you as you work to receive what is rightfully yours. 

Do I Need to Go to Court to Enforce Spousal Support Payments?

Try to speak with your ex before you take any action. Of course, they have a legitimate reason as to why they cannot pay, or they may have fallen on hard times and are unable, for whatever reason, to pay what they were initially supposed to pay in spousal support. However, if you decide to create a spousal support agreement outside of court, it is a best practice to have both of your signatures on it. Then, if a spouse fails to abide by the informal agreement, you will have proof that they agreed to it. 


Joliet criminal defense lawyerMost people dread the prospect of the police showing up at their house. The police showing up is bad enough, but what if they arrive with a search warrant? This is likely to make even the calmest, most even-keeled person nervous, and rightfully so. Having your home searched is far from a pleasant experience, regardless of whether you have anything to hide. Because of the highly stressful situation, people whose house is being searched may act out and demonstrate behaviors they would not regularly engage in. 

Unfortunately, acting out rashly while the police search your home will likely result in additional legal difficulties and even criminal prosecution. That is why it is essential to know how to act and what to do if the police ever show up at your door with a search warrant. If this has happened to you, you must contact a criminal defense attorney who will work to ensure your rights remain protected and that you understand your options moving forward. 

Tips for Handling a Search Warrant  

We see it often in the movies or on television: as soon as the police show up yelling that they have a search warrant, the occupants of the home run and hide or try and pretend they are not home. However, these types of actions will likely increase your legal liability. To handle the situation well, here are few things you can and should do:  

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