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Joliet Car Crash LawyerSeat belts play a critical role in protecting occupants during car accidents, reducing the risk of severe injuries or fatalities. However, there have been instances where seat belts have malfunctioned during a crash, leading to serious injuries for those whose seat belts failed to work correctly. If you were injured in a car accident and believe a seat belt malfunction led to your injury, contact a lawyer to ensure your rights are protected as you seek compensation related to your injury. Do not wait to contact a lawyer and file your claim, as Illinois has a strict two-year statute of limitations in such cases. 

Seat Belt Design and Manufacturing Defects

While seat belts are designed to withstand the forces of a collision, like any other mechanical device, they are not immune to defects. Manufacturing flaws can compromise the effectiveness of a seat belt during an accident. These defects may include faulty latches and more. A defect in the seat belt’s design or manufacturing process could result in the seat belt failing to properly restrain the passenger during a crash.

Improper Installation or Maintenance

Seat belts must be correctly installed and regularly maintained to ensure their optimal functioning. Failure to properly install or maintain a seat belt, such as not securing it tightly or neglecting to replace worn-out parts, could lead to a malfunction. In such cases, personal injury lawsuits may not be possible, as the responsibility may have been with the vehicle owner to ensure that the seat belts had been properly maintained up until the accident occurred. Discuss with your lawyer whether this is a factor in your case.


Orland Park, IL nursing home abuse lawyerFinancial exploitation is a distressing form of nursing home abuse that often accompanies other types of mistreatment in nursing homes. It occurs when an elderly individual’s funds or assets are improperly used or stolen through manipulation, coercion, or theft. If you believe a loved one is experiencing financial exploitation at a nursing home facility, contact a lawyer right away to ensure your loved one’s rights can be protected. 

In the context of nursing home abuse, financial exploitation refers to the illegal exploitation of residents’ financial resources, which can include bank accounts, credit cards, property, or valuables. The involvement of a personal injury attorney can be instrumental in navigating the legal complexities involved in such cases.

Role of a Personal Injury Attorney in Financial Exploitation Cases

  1. Professional legal knowledge – Personal injury lawyers working in nursing home abuse cases possess an in-depth knowledge of relevant laws and regulations. They can help people understand their rights and the legal implications of financial exploitation. Illinois law provides protection for elderly people as well as ways to easily report such abuse if you believe it to be occurring.


The Most Serious DUI Charges in Illinois 

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Joliet Criminal LawyerA simple DUI is bad enough. Even a first-time DUI that does not involve any aggravating circumstances like bodily injury or carrying a child passenger can result in jail time. In most cases, a simple DUI is a misdemeanor. Misdemeanors are generally punishable by up to a year in jail. If this is not your first DUI, you are more likely to face harsh sentencing as courts are less forgiving of repeat mistakes. A felony DUI is far more serious. Some forms of felony DUI can lead to years of time in prison, and all are taken very seriously in Illinois. If you are facing a felony DUI, it is very important that you take the situation seriously and focus on your defense. Your freedom is in jeopardy and you could face a number of other legal and societal consequences if you are convicted. An attorney may be able to work towards reducing the seriousness of the charges in plea bargaining or may be able to identify another strong defense strategy. 

Types of Felony DUI Charges

Not all felony DUIs are equally serious. As a general rule, the more harm done or risked, the more serious the charge is likely to be. The most serious DUI charges in Illinois include: 

  • DUI resulting in death - The most serious of all DUI charges are those involving the death of another party. Causing a fatal car crash is considered the worst outcome of driving while intoxicated. People who are convicted of DUIs with fatal crashes often face years or decades behind bars. 


Joliet Car Accident LawyersIllinois follows traditional tort liability laws and the fault-based model when assessing negligence and responsibility in multi-vehicle car, truck, motorcycle, and other motor vehicle accidents. Determining liability is complex but critical for injury claims. This blog post will go over what you should know about how Illinois handles fault and liability.

Illinois Uses a "Fault" Liability System

Illinois operates under a "fault"-based auto liability legal system when appraising responsibility for damages and injuries stemming from traffic collisions. This means the driver who was at fault and caused the accident, either fully or partially, can be held liable for monetary damages to injured parties through an auto insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. This differs from "no-fault" auto insurance states where drivers seek damages from their own insurer.

Negligence Is Determined By Assessing Actions

Courts must determine the percentage of fault and negligent actions of each party involved in the motor vehicle crash based on details like speeding, distraction, disregard of traffic signals, intoxication, reckless maneuvering, and other behaviors leading to the incident. Illinois follows modified comparative negligence laws.


Joliet Car Crash AttorneyIf you sustain injuries in an accident caused by another person in Illinois, you may be eligible for compensation to cover your damages. The amount of compensation you can seek depends on various crucial factors. Gaining a clear understanding of these factors can assist you in assessing the potential of your claim.

Type and Severity of Injuries

The most crucial factor is the type and severity of your injuries from the accident. More serious injuries that result in ongoing medical treatment, disability, lost wages, or reduced quality of life typically merit larger payouts. Thoroughly documenting your injuries and having medical experts fully evaluate impairment levels is crucial. The defense will seek to minimize the injury severity.

Insurance Coverage Limits

Compensation is limited to the amount of applicable insurance coverage. This is why carrying adequate underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is so important. The at-fault party’s policy limit will cap payouts even if your damages exceed this limit. Determining all available policies and limits early in your claim is beneficial.

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