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Tips to Avoid Accidents on Road Trips

 Posted on December 27, 2023 in Car Accidents

IL accident lawyerDuring the holidays, many of us travel to see loved ones. While road trips can be fun, there are potential hazards while traveling long distances without frequent breaks.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, drivers may be more focused on plans with family than traffic conditions. Even a momentary distraction can result in injuries and deaths, with most car crash fatalities being caused by human error

Below, our Joliet car accident lawyers go over some accident statistics and tips for you to avoid an accident on family road trips this holiday season.

Holiday Accident Statistics

The holidays bring us immense joy, but with this cheer comes a significant increase in accidents

2023 estimated figures reveal the following:

  • 507 people died in motor vehicle crashes during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend
  • 345 people died in motor vehicle crashes during the Christmas Day holiday period
  • 375 people may die in motor vehicle crashes during the 2024 New Year’s Day holiday period (down 8% from the estimated 408 deaths during the 2023 New Year’s Day holiday period)

How to Stay Safe

No matter if you are traveling during the summer or winter months, our Will County car accident lawyers are here to provide tips to keep you and your family safe year-round:

Plan Your Route

Always plan your route ahead of time, consulting with maps and scoping out directions before leaving. Allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, giving yourself extra time in the event of inclement weather, icy roads, and traffic congestion.

Stay Alert

Do not travel while you are tired. If you feel drowsy behind the wheel, switch drivers so that you can take time to rest. For longer road trips, allow yourself time to take breaks to eat, use the bathroom, and return phone calls or text messages.

Avoid Risky Behaviors

You may not realize if you have had too much to drink at a holiday gathering. Never drive if you have consumed alcohol. If you plan on drinking, have a designated driver.

Stock Your Vehicle

Have an emergency road kit in your car in the event of a breakdown. Recommended items should include:

  • Cell phone and charger
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Jumper cables
  • Nonperishable food, drinking water, and medications
  • Emergency blankets, towels, and coats

Utilize Driver Assistance Technologies

Driver assistance technology has the capability to prevent approximately 20,000 traffic fatalities each year. New cars offer many different forms of driver assistance technology, some being collision warnings (i.e., lane departure warnings and forward collision warnings) and others being collision intervention (i.e., automatic emergency braking and blind spot intervention)

On road trips, it is crucial to get all the help possible to keep your family safe. Driver assistance technologies prevent accidents and save lives

Contact our Joliet, IL, Car Accident Lawyers Today

You take every measure to keep your family safe. You have your children buckle up in the car, wear a helmet while riding a bike, and look both ways before crossing the street, but what if that is not enough? 

Even taking all precautions, you may still be the victim of an accident on your next road trip. If you have been in a collision, do not hesitate to contact our Will County, IL, car accident lawyers today to learn more. Contact McNamara Phelan McSteen, LLC online or by calling 815-727-0100 to schedule your free consultation.

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