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Joliet nursing home negligence lawyerMany people have family members who reside in nursing homes or similar long-term care facilities. The elderly make up a large population of those who live in assisted-living centers, but younger people who have certain medical conditions may also need the extra assistance that these facilities provide. In most cases, families entrust their loved one's safety with medical professionals. Unfortunately, reports of abuse or neglect at nursing homes are not uncommon in the United States, including in Illinois. It is important to be aware of signs and symptoms that indicate your relative may have suffered injuries at the hands of those who are supposed to protect him or her. In some instances, if a staff member or facility is found negligent, you or your loved one may be entitled to monetary compensation. 

Physical Injuries

Nursing homes and other care facilities have a standard of care they must follow when caring for their residents. Sadly, not every nursing home may take your family member’s well-being as seriously as you do. If nurses or other staff members fail to administer the proper amount of prescribed medication, a patient can overdose in some situations. In other cases, not receiving enough food can cause a resident to become severely ill. Inadequate building maintenance or neglecting to check on residents can lead to them slipping and hitting their heads or breaking their arm or leg. 

When care facilities fall below the acceptable standard of care, serious injuries can occur, including the following: 


Joliet boating accident lawyersMay is National Water Safety Month. This type of safety awareness can apply to boating, swimming, fishing, and any other type of water sport. Now that the weather is warming up in Illinois, boat owners are taking their boats out of storage and preparing them to hit the water. Similar to vehicles on the road, there are certain rules and regulations that anyone operating a watercraft must follow. Illinois boating laws are aimed to protect drivers, passengers, and others who are enjoying excursions on Lake Michigan or smaller inland lakes. Boat owners must complete a safety course before obtaining a boating license. However, even when all safety precautions are taken, a boating accident can occur due to various reasons. The injuries sustained from a boat crash can be minor to fatal. It is important to understand what actions or behaviors can lead to accidents on the water and who may be responsible for injuries.      

Operator Error

Some people may think that driving a boat is just like an automobile, but there are differences. Anyone who is operating a boat, whether motorized or not, must pay careful attention. Operator inexperience or inattentiveness can put passengers at risk. Not knowing the proper nautical terms or navigation techniques can cause the person commanding the boat to become lost, placing others in danger if they become stranded. Violations such as too many people onboard with not enough life jackets can also pose a significant risk of drowning.

In some cases, a driver may consume alcohol or drugs before or during a boat trip. Being under the influence impairs his or her ability to safely operate a watercraft. Studies have proven that controlled substances reduce a person’s reflexes and reaction times. If there are other boats in the surrounding area, an intoxicated driver may not be able to turn quickly enough or slow down, thus colliding with another ship.     


Joliet personal injury attorneysWith the month of May quickly approaching, the weather is finally starting to get warmer in Illinois. After a long and cold winter, many people like to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Once thought to be only for adrenaline junkies, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) have increased in popularity the last few decades, especially the younger generation. Ideal for off-road recreational use, these vehicles can also be used for work purposes depending on the occupation. However, as with any motorized vehicle, they can be dangerous and a potential threat to riders if they are not used properly. Riders can suffer serious and even fatal injuries if they are involved in a collision.     

Types of Off-Road Vehicles

An ATV is defined by the American National Standards Institute as a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that the driver straddles, along with handlebars for steering control. It is designed to handle a variety of terrain, typically “off-road.”
A UTV, or utility task vehicle, is also intended for use over rough terrain, but two people can sit in the cab next to each other. For this reason, UTVs are often marketed as “side-by-sides.” ATV riders straddle the vehicle seat, while UTV riders sit on side by side on bench seats or bucket seats. Certain UTVs will fit in the definition of ATV as well, depending on weight and dimensions.
Under Illinois law, it is unlawful to operate an ATV or UTV on any street, highway, or roadway. People typically use ATVs for recreation on farms, in mountainous areas, in addition to rural and coastal terrain.

Common Injuries in ATV and UTV Crashes

Injuries to ATV and UTV riders can occur when the vehicle crashes with another off-road vehicle or hits a stationary object. In many cases, it results in a rollover accident. A driver and passenger can become pinned underneath the ATV, which can result in crushed body parts. In other instances, they can be thrown from the vehicle and hit the pavement, a tree, or another type of structure. Due to the lack of protection for riders, any injury can be severe and even fatal. 


WIll County personal injury attorneysA “slip and fall” injury may sound minor, but such an injury can be debilitating for the victim. A person can suffer a serious injury as a pedestrian, a patron at a store or restaurant, or even as a visitor in someone else’s home. In some cases, proving premises liability can be complicated. Illinois premises liability law only applies when an injury is due to an unsafe condition that the property owner or operator knew about or should have known about and corrected. It is important to understand the laws regarding this if you are ever hurt under these circumstances.  

The Premises Liability Act

Under Illinois law, the Premises Liability Act outlines what duty property owners have to individuals who enter their premises. If a property owner fails to take reasonable care to keep their land or structure safe, the state of Illinois may hold them accountable for damages that could occur to guests. This includes both individuals who are invited by a property owner (invitees) and people who are there for their own enjoyment (licensees). 

Besides an expectation that the premises will be properly maintained and clear of hazards, these entrants are also entitled to prior knowledge of any known defects or dangers. For example, a sign warning of a wet floor or areas that are under construction. One important facet of the premises liability law is that it does not apply to adult trespassers. That means property owners are not responsible for an injury that occurs as a result of trespassing. 


Joliet personal injury attorneysFor some people, enjoying a Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, roller-coaster, or other ride is the highlight of a trip to an amusement park or fair. For others, just the thought of riding one of these rides is enough to put knots in their stomach. While the vast majority of amusement park, carnival, and fair rides are completely safe, accidents do happen. Sometimes a ride glitches because it has not been properly maintained. Other times, a ride operator makes a mistake and causes a malfunction.

 Whatever the reason, ride accidents are usually horrifying for the individuals on the ride as well as spectators watching from the ground. When negligent design, manufacture, construction, or operation is the cause of a ride accident which causes injury or death, a personal injury lawsuit can help recover damages.

Broken Track Being Blamed for Roller-Coaster Breakdown

An Illinois woman is reportedly out of the hospital after falling from a roller-coaster last month. The 45-year-old woman was attending the Plainfield Fest carnival when she decided to ride a roller coaster called the Iron Dragon. Another passenger on the Iron Dragon said, “Things started to feel really unstable. It felt like we sloped inward and crashed down… I saw a woman fly by me.”  Fortunately, the woman only fell about five feet. She was treated at a local hospital and released the same day. The accident is currently being investigated by the Illinois Department of Labor, Amusement Ride and Attraction Safety Division.

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