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Joliet dog bite injury lawyerDogs can be some of the most friendly, giving, and loving companions. They can be there by your side on your worst and best of days. However, there are times when dogs can be provoked or have continual behavior issues that cause them to be aggressive and lash out at whoever is around. In many cases, the individuals who are most prone to dog attacks are postal service carriers trying to deliver mail. Although this may seem like a cliche, it exists for a reason. According to the United States Postal Service (USPS), over 5,800 postal carriers were victims of dog attacks in 2019. Under children and the elderly, they are third on the list of the highest number of dog attack victims. This makes delivering mail a potentially dangerous job due to the vast amount of houses they visit each day, many of which will have a pet. Dog bites can be serious, causing not only severe physical injuries but emotional and mental damages as well.

Physical Damage

There is no denying that dogs have very sharp teeth. They can use them to bite down into hard-as-rock bones and chew through their favorite toys. These same teeth can cause massive damage to the human body. If severe enough, bites can lead to stitches, hospitalization, nerve damage, and in some cases, amputation. The pain and physical suffering may linger long after the initial bite. Victims of a dog attack may require extensive rehabilitation or physical therapy to overcome their injuries. 

Emotional Trauma

Getting bitten by a dog can be a traumatic experience, and can lead to emotional and mental distress that can take years of therapy to work through. Traumas such as these can live in the body and make it difficult to move forward in life. Experiences like this may affect a victim’s everyday living, ability to be near dogs, and feelings of security while performing his or her job. According to Illinois law, if a dog or other animal attacks someone without provocation and the victim sustains injuries, the owner is liable for civil damages. Unfortunately, someone who is simply trying to do his or her job by delivering mail to the community can be susceptible to such an attack when going from door to door.


Will County personal injury attorneysMost of the time, family pets are friendly and loving. That is why dogs are often called “man’s best friend.” However, there are instances where a dog or other animal may become aggressive and attack a person—even its owner, in some cases. Injuries suffered can range from a scratch to severe lacerations and nerve damage. An animal bite can also result in serious or even fatal infections.

Under the Illinois Animal Control Act, if someone is injured by a dog or another domesticated animal, the pet owner may be liable for the victim’s injuries. The law applies to situations where the victim was neither trespassing nor provoking the animal in any way.    

Symptoms of Infection

At first glance, a dog bite victim may not think his or her injuries are life-threatening. However, they may experience symptoms later that signify a more serious condition. Some of the common symptoms of infection include:


b2ap3_thumbnail_nursing-home-sad-man-outside.jpgStudies show that people are living longer these days compared to generations past. Nursing homes, memory care facilities, and assisted living centers are popping up in almost every city to meet the demand for an aging population. Many families carefully research what these extended-care homes can offer to their parents, grandparents, or other relatives. Whether someone needs assistance due to age, dementia, or any other kind of disability, there is a certain level of expectation that your family member will be well taken care of and in a safe place. Sadly, patients can be neglected and even abused on a regular basis. It is important to recognize the injuries that are commonly caused by nursing home negligence to prevent further harm to your loved one. In some cases, he or she might be entitled to compensation or damages for pain and suffering.     

Illinois Nursing Home Care Act

Illinois has more than 1,000 long-term care facilities serving over 100,000 residents, young and old. Since elderly people are particularly susceptible to neglect or abuse, Illinois passed the Nursing Home Care Act, which gives residents of nursing home facilities certain rights to protect them from danger or harm. Illinois nursing homes require specific licenses to operate and are  regulated and inspected by state and federal agencies, including the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). In addition, under IDPH, the Division of Assisted Living manages all state licenses for assisted living and shared housing establishments.

Potentially Serious Problems 

Unfortunately, many cases of elderly abuse are simply not reported or they are ignored. Many residents of nursing homes or assisted living homes are not mobile; that is, they are confined to a wheelchair or even completely bed-ridden. Due to this vulnerability, negligence by the nursing staff can sometimes be dismissed, since a patient may be afraid to report an incident.  

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