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Joliet traffic violations attorneyEvery motorist is responsible for driving safely and following the rules of the road. Statistics show that almost all U.S. drivers have been or will be pulled over by law enforcement at least once in their lifetime for a traffic violation. The fact that these violations are fairly common should not mean they should be taken lightly. Any act that breaks the law is serious, and a moving violation has the potential to cause other drivers or pedestrians harm.

Moving Versus Non-Moving Violations

It is important for all drivers to understand the difference between a non-moving and a moving violation. A non-moving violation is just like it sounds; the offense committed was at a time when the vehicle was stopped or parked. If a car is in motion when the driver commits a traffic violation, that is considered a moving violation. 

Examples of non-moving violations include parking in a handicap space without proper license plates or signage; stopping in a no-stop zone, or having an expired vehicle registration or license. Under Illinois law, many traffic offenses are considered moving violations, which carry stiffer penalties compared to non-moving traffic violations. Moving violations include but are not limited to:

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