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Joliet workers compensation attorneyIllinois is one of many states that require companies to carry insurance benefits for their employees to cover them in the unfortunate event of a workplace injury. Even if all the required safety measures are taken, accidents can and do happen on the job. Depending on the type of industry, injuries suffered can range from minor sprains or bruises to spinal cord damage. In some circumstances, a worker may never fully recover and is therefore entitled to permanent partial disability (PPD). Understanding the workers’ compensation process is integral to receiving benefits and moving on with your life. 

Illinois Workers’ Comp Laws

According to Illinois employment law, employers (or their insurers) are obligated to pay permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits to an injured employee who sustained disfigurement or impairment but can still work up to a certain capacity. Permanent total disability (PTD) benefits are paid to an employee who is totally and permanently unable to work.

If a worker has lost the total use, or partial use, of a body part (hand, leg, arm, ear, eye) or has lost partial use of his or her body as a whole, he or she may have the right to permanent disability benefits. In certain situations, a worker may be able to switch jobs within the same company. If the new job’s wages are less than the pre-injury job, the employee is entitled to receive a wage differential. 

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