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How Road Rage Can Lead to Bicycle Accidents

 Posted on May 28, 2019 in Personal Injury

Joliet bicycle accident attorney

Many people enjoy riding their bicycles in the summer, especially after a long winter. In Illinois, cyclists must obey the same traffic laws, signs, and signals that apply to motor vehicles. For example, bicyclists are required by law to ride in the same direction as vehicle traffic. However, even though bikes have the same rights as other vehicles, cyclists are much more likely to be injured in a motor vehicle collision.

Road rage is one issue that can have a significant impact on bicyclists. An aggressive driver who strikes a bicycle is likely to cause serious or fatal injuries. If you are hurt while riding your bike due to a road rage incident, you should seek legal advice and learn about your options for pursuing compensation from the driver who injured you.   

Examples of Road Rage

A lot of drivers do not think bicyclists should share the roadway with them, which can lead to problems. Motorists in cars or trucks often try to pass bicyclists unsafely, especially when they are in a hurry to get where they are going. They may become impatient and angry at the bicyclist for slowing them down, leading them to risk a collision when attempting to pass when there is not enough room to do so safely.

In addition, road rage between two cars can directly affect cyclists. If two or more vehicles are speeding and cut each other off, one motorist may veer off the road and onto a designated bike path. Since cars are likely to be traveling at a high rate of speed, a bicyclist in a bike path will most likely not have enough time to move out of the way. The impact of a car hitting a bike can throw a cyclist several feet through the air, causing them to land on the pavement with great force. This can result in significant injuries, such as broken ribs, collapsed lungs, head trauma, or severe cuts and lacerations.     

Road rage among two or more cyclists can also take place, especially on a crowded roadway or even in an organized bike race. Sometimes, cyclists do not pay close attention to their surroundings, which can lead to a crash. In other cases, competitive riders who are trying to surpass personal records could collide with other cyclists. If a bicyclist tries to pass another bike and makes a sudden turn, it will likely cause a crash or even a pileup of mangled bikes and injured riders.   

If you suffer a serious injury because of a road rage incident while you are riding a bicycle, you should call 911 if you need immediate medical attention. Next, contact an experienced bicycle accident attorney who knows the Illinois laws regarding liability in road rage situations.

Contact a Will County Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Road rage can lead to serious consequences for drivers, passengers, bicyclists, or pedestrians. If you are involved in a bicycle crash in Illinois that was caused by a reckless or angry motorist, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries you suffer. Call a Joliet personal injury attorney at 815-727-0100 for a free consultation to learn more about your options for recovering compensation from a negligent driver.  





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