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Common Causes of Trucking Accidents in Illinois

 Posted on April 08, 2019 in Car Accidents

Joliet truck crash lawyerAfter decades of decline, the number of fatal accidents involving large commercial vehicles is on the rise. In 2017, there was a 10 percent jump in truck accidents resulting in death across the United States, with a total of 4,657 people killed in crashes involving commercial trucks. 

There are a number of reasons for the increase in tractor-trailer truck accidents nationwide. Truck drivers are susceptible to many of the same bad driving habits as everyone else on the road, but the potential for disaster is much greater. If you are injured in a trucking accident, after you seek medical treatment, contact an experienced personal injury attorney for help.

Some common reasons for serious truck accident injuries include:

Distracted Driving

Texting while driving is a national safety crisis, along with checking email and social media while behind the wheel and the use of non-hands-free cell phones. Almost 3,500 Americans were killed in distracted driving accidents during a recent 12-month period, with many thousands more injured. 

Prescription Drug Abuse 

The ongoing opioid epidemic has not spared the trucking industry, as prescription medications are by far the most common substance abuse problem among truckers. Illegal drugs and alcohol are minor problems by comparison. 

Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers are now limited to 11 consecutive hours on the road each day. Still, not every trucking company or driver adheres to this regulation, and logs are sometimes falsified in order to maximize profits.


Excessive speed is a contributing factor in a large percentage of trucking accidents. Because of their immense size and weight, semis take much longer than regular motor vehicles to slow down or stop. That means a speeding truck driver is more of a risk, especially when paired with an unsafe following distance. 

Improper Truck Maintenance

Air brake malfunction is often cited as a contributing reason for truck collisions. Even a slight leak in a brake line can make all the difference when a truck driver must act quickly to avoid a crash. Improper tire inflation is another common problem.

Shifting Cargo

Insufficiently secured cargo can cause a truck to roll over and endanger vehicles on either side and behind. On non-enclosed flatbeds, cargo can fall off the truck and collide with surrounding vehicles.

Contact a Will County Trucking Accident Lawyer

At McNamara, Phelan, McSteen, LLC, we fight for the compensation truck crash victims deserve to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you believe truck driver or trucking company negligence caused the collision that hurt you, let us investigate and prove it. Call a Joliet personal injury attorney today at 815-727-0100 for a free consultation.




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